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Monday, June 07, 2004

Lacuna Coil

i've been listening to this band since last year... i wish i knew them way before though...

Lacuna Coil, the band who is originally known as Ethereal, must be one of the music industry's greats. The name of the band, Lacuna Coil means Empty Spiral. They had to change the band's name to LC for the first one was already taken by another band.

Lacuna Coil was born on the year 1996. The said band experienced alot since the debut of their first self-titled mini EP. A band break-up while on tour, physical injuries and multiple line-up changes to name a few. All that and a whole lot more in eight years time.

Lacuna Coil has six members: Cristina Scabbia on vocals, Andrea Ferra or Andy also on vocals, Cristiano Migliore on guitar, Marco Biazzi or Maus as he likes to be called on guitar, Marco Coti Zelati on bass and Cristiano "Criz" Mozzati on drums. But this is not the original band line up. They started out with six members, but then they had Raffaele Zagaria on Guitars, Claudio Leo on Guitars and Leonardo Forti on Drums. At around the spring of 1998 they had Cristiano Migliore on Guitars, Alice on Keyboards and Cristiano Mozzati on Drums. Later on that same year, the band decided to have a second guitar instead of a keyboard player to satisfy the "nature of their musical direction". {That's when Maus came in.} The next year Lacuna Coil settled for the band line-up that we know today.

Moving on...

The band came up with a total of five albums. The first one would be the self-titled mini EP which was born on late 1998. Second album is In A Reverie, followed by Half-Life and not long after that Unleashed Memories was released. And finally their fifth and their latest album, hopefully not the least, is the album Comalies that has the song Heaven's A Lie as its carrier single... I think...

The not so short fact sheet on the band brings me to the real purpose of this post...

Recently the band has gone mainstream and that is quite something to the fans of a somewhat underground gothic band like Lacuna Coil. The band released a video of Heaven's A Lie. So what you may ask? This video release of their song is a bold if not a huge step into the mainstream. Metallica did the same thing and not a lot of people were happy about that.


I was discussing this with my friend Joel who was familiar with both bands. I ranted to him about how much I found Lacuna Coil's going mainstream a bit distasteful. That this whole mainstream thing is simply relative if not synonymous to commercialism. Commercialism, I explained was the very reason a lot of bands lost their very spirit and meaning in the music industry. But Joel just shrugged it off and told me that Lacuna Coil's coming out with a video and going mainstream will not change Lacuna Coil. That they will remain to be the Goth-Rock band I love if not become better as musicians who have a purpose, a message and passion for music. That if Metallica managed to remain Metallica then so can Lacuna Coil!

It was pretty stupid of me to doubt Lacuna Coil and I'm very sorry for that. I was shallow and became closed-minded.

For more info on Lacuna Coil go to their OFFICIAL WEBPAGE

Oh yeah the data you found here in this post were taken from LC's official webpage and Inofficial Lacuna Coil Webpage. You read it right folks, the webpage really does say Inofficial...

Thanks for the netspace BLOGGER!!! You rock!


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