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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hmmm... okay... i have discovered a few things about myself these past few days...


i just realized that i am hooked with the whole momusu thang... i have grown to like morning musume... :P they're cute and their preppy and fun!!! -.-; i know... i KNOW... not my usual thing... hell... a couple of months ago i would have glared at you till you were reduced to a puddle of goo if you told me that i would be fan girling over momusu or minimoni or anything jpop... but the thing is... i am already fangirling over morning musume and mini moni and h!p groups... in decent amounts if i may add...

sooo... that's the first thing i realization... i could actually like jpop... and fuss over it... -.-;;

the other thing i have realized is the fact that i *can* be cute... O.o that i am cute at times... and that i *am* pretty when i feel like being pretty... -.-;;

i also realized that i can actually pull off fashion shit... like the whole gothic lolita clothing thing...

meh... i should stop before i spew out anymore kayabangan... geh...

:P i met up with creole the other day... we played dance maniacs and para para paradise, shopped and ate while we were at sm north... and then we went to celine's house and hung out at her place, played dress-up and had a little photo shoot using celine's new camera phone...


i miss ten-chan... :S


belated merry christmas... and advance happy new year you guys!

~off creole-sama's blog...

FrenchMaid/Alice Lolita
You are a
~*French Maid meets Alice in Wonderland*~

You are dressed quite simple, but that is what
makes you look so attractive. You are never
seen without your lovely apron. The colour of
your dress is mostly black and your apron is
You are always looking as if you just left the
Wonderland to meet your friends in Harajuku or
Yoyogi park. Your favorite Lolita brand is
"Baby the stars shine bright". And
you are always waiting for a white rabbit with
a clock to pass you by... =^.^=

What kind of Gothic Lolita are you? (Japanese - Lifestyle for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla


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