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Monday, December 06, 2004

what should i do with my life?

i've let pops in on how "off" i feel about architecture and mapua... here's a part of his reply...

"If you really have doubt about your current course (Architecture) or yourcurrent school (Mapua), then you must decide whether you will reallytransfer to another school... you have all the time to do it!

Should you decide to transfer then==> prepare for the requirements like application, entrance exam, yourschool records, your educational plan, etc.

There is really nothing to blame here. One thing is that you were notguided to take the entrance exam of say La Salle or UP as well as Ateneo.But that is already in the past. So we forget about it then we take ourstock and face the future. What is it really that we want?

You have my full support whatever decision that you will make! K lang yan.Do not forget that you are going to take a decision that will affect yourfuture, so you must try to balance all factors! Do not be afraid to takethe plunge! (7-up advertisement ba yon?) hehehe.. it should not be labeledas a failure if you will transfer to take another course that you reallywant and love to take! Never take into consideration what other people maythink of it, just that you are making a plan for your own destiny!cool lang!"

i guess his letter did make me feel better...

all i have to deal with know is deciding which road to take and how...

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--- got this from khan's blog... got anymore new quizzies? do tell me about them!


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