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Thursday, November 25, 2004

i was browsing through various sites and my photo collection for a picture of a hallway for my next deviation when i saw pictures of me in STC... something clicked in my head and that's when i started to look for pictures of stc corridors and walkways...

my first plan of action was to look at STC's website.

*huff* it really didn't take that long to load... and now i wish the site failed to load...

the bloody website SUCKS!!! here's a little proof...

you can either go to STC's website or click here to look at a bigger and clearer screenshot of stc's site

at the bottom it says "Site development and maintenance by PNSL." i'm not a big fan of stc but i am offended by the mediocre site that PNSL dude came up with... i mean... my last year in stc me and the other advance computer elective students made 6 models for stc's website... NONE OF THEM LOOKS LIKE STC'S CURRENT WEBSITE!!! and i'm guessing that the bloody toad used the information and pictures that we gathered ourselves for our site projects to make this pathetic piece of crap...

i wanna kill that PNSL shithead... i hate him...


beeep... beep... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

tsumaranaaai... i'm bored... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

oooh... mom's planning on taking me to see the an optometrist this saturday... yeaaaaaaaah!!! I'M FINALLY GETTING CONTACTS!!! i want red ones :D


What kind of shoe are you?

XD i do love/adore/like boots... *sigh*

Ok, accept it...your a freak!! You enojy good sex. You like getting whipped and seeing your partner...or just anyone you f*ck struggle to get out of their handcuffs.
What kind of sex do you like?

lol... :D he-he-he
You are freedom. You would want to go skydiving. You love riding or flying. Your dream to be free.
What word you are?
euh... riiight...

:P ain't that the truth... :P

Evil Poke Opportunity

What would your band be named

evil poke opportunity? i think me and my "bandmembers" can think up of a better name than... that...


Alright! You're one of the best songs out there.
Your overall personality rocks everyone Including yo mama!
Which DDR song are you?

...cool... i don't play ddr that much though...


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