to be continued~ ^^,

Sunday, July 15, 2007


i'm going to indulge myself and come up with another "emo" post.

yes yes, emo...

shove it.


friday, 13th of july

i got reacquainted with dread
held hands with despaire
felt what little sanity i have left crumble like a damned pulvoron.


saturday, 14th of july

i learned what it means to be in pain.
immense, great, hellish pain

it sluggishly made its presence known
and unrelentingly and mercilessly
stayed at the peak

the climax of pain
there was so much of it
i passed out

remained unconscious
till my pathetic body could cope

breathing is no longer an option


sunday, 15th of july

defiance of the worst kind,



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