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Saturday, March 10, 2007

turning 21 isn't as grand as people make it...

for those of you who aren't in the know, i turned 21 last march 7 of this year.

i was excited for the most part. i left being 20 with the most interesting of experiences but now that the hype of my birthday has worn off.. i'm starting to think that being 21 isn't that great.

it's just another year. what makes it different from the rest?

hmm... what's tugging at my brain cells is the fact that i might be going through emotions that are set on a cyclical pattern. i just turned 21 but angst is just right around the corner, to which i'll give my mom sole credit for.


i am such a juvenile.


on school::

march 8, '07

i wake up around 4 in the morning after only having 2 hours of sleep to work on my book report that was due later on that day. the rest of the class, albeit two people, get to pass their report next week, but i was told that my deadline was to be on that day.


ever the procrastinator, i only began working on my book report that week. wednesday morning to be more exact.


true to my cramming skills, i finish the paper. i'm guessing i'll get a b+ if not an a- on it since there's going to be a verbal report to go along with it.

very much sleep deprived, i haul my sorry ass to school and wait for lit class. 1pm... 1:30pm... BOOM~! we were told all afternoon classes were cancelled that day..

i think my brain died and was revived at the same moment.


as if that wasn't enough.. i went back to the house and straight to bed feeling really pissed about a whole damn lot of things. [note: angst.] my pod was turned way up and the fans were directed towards the general direction of my bed. i was pretty much set to enjoy an isolated, detached sleep. come to think of it, i was already asleep when i felt a hand on my forehead and it wont go away.

i pull one of the ear plugs from my ears and open my eye to see my mom hovering over me.
me: what?
her: did someone bully you at school?
me: [what the flying fuck?!] no.
her: [keeps at the annoying thing she was doing to my head] you okay?
me: [leave me alone..] yes! i just want to catch up on some sleep.

i put the ear plug back and i close my eyes. i feel her leave. i wake up around 6 in the evening. mama, my aunt, sat beside me and i woke up because of the bed shifting. i greet her and she tells me things i'll just leave out since that would mean a lengthier post. that's when i notice the pins and needles sensation on my hands. i look at them and lo~! they're swollen and bloody red.

allergic reaction.

i only ate once that day. breakfast. with my mom. stuff she bought. must be the fish or the shrimp. seafood allergy. effing great.

the swelling has gone done since i changed meds. i get to have the pink pills with steriods in them. bleah. the only upside is that the meds knock me out most of the time so it's all good. i ended up having to cancel my drinking session with a couple of buds to celebrate my birthday.

like i said, the swelling has gone down.. only to be replaced by the annoying itching. heh.

seriously... kids, if you think turning 21 will be some sort of exodus or life-changing chapter..

fucking think again.


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