to be continued~ ^^,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i know emcee-ing is part of being a mass communications student but it is sooo not fair to have to do it by yourself, with only an hour to prepare.

i did enjoy the talk//forum though...

i was forced to enjoy it.. if i didn't, i would have shrivelled up and died out of boredom.

one of the speakers gave me his calling card.. he said to call him up if we ever need a speaker who'll talk about careers and what not..

it kinda tripped me out a bit when he all of a sudden pulled out his wallet and gave me his card. see, the forum hasn't ended around that time.


i'm craving for a chicken mcrice thingy.

i want something new to listen to..

hmm.. crushes are such short-lived engagements for me..

^^ it was fun to be kilig and all that while i fussed over you but now would be a good time as any to move on. :P don't get me wrong.. you're still cute and witty and all the stuff i said you were but-but-but~


you don't have to look..



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