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Sunday, January 07, 2007

a eulogy... of sorts

i would like to believe something profound caused my mind into such a pitifull standstill. i wish i could put the blame on a person who has caused me immense amounts of grief. but i am afraid i am the only one to blame for the death of my mind.

i have become careless and let myself go when i should have hung on with every fiber of my being. the sudden onslaught of having friends and responsibilities has caused me to lose focus and eventually found my way to shamefull neglect.

oh, what i fool i have been. oh, what i distastefull thing i have become!

is it too late to regain what i have so foolishly thrown away? is there nothing i can do to rid myself of this cancer?

oh my dear, most cherished vengefull love, could you ever find it in that wonderfully twisted heart of yours to grant me exile? your distance consumes me. your words, heavy with bitter passion, make me ache. spare me a second or two to think.

wonderful isn't it? i can't even keep on one track of thought..

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