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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


i've grown tired of repeatedly beating myself up over being painfully single.

not being able to have someone to love, share and hold can, at the worst of times, make one ache.

for me, it has caused immense amounts of frustration, doubt, depression and confusion.

sans amour

i am without love.

it's quite alright though.. all the times i was alone has taught me a great deal. i like to believe that my solitude, if you could call it that, has taught me to love more.. better.

i may not have been so unfortunate after all... i may, in fact, be a person who has a lot of love in me.

i think it would be incredibly nice if you came crashing into my life again.. even if you would just leave as fast as you came. if that's not possible that's okay too. i think i can find a piece of you in another person and that would be enough. cruel, fake but enough.. suki dayo..

emo post. yes, i know. but for some strange reason.. i think i'll hang on to that oh so familiar dinky sinking feeling and keep it to myself.

i want to see the flip side.

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