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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

skip, trip, hop... deal.

tunes: Restless by Evil Nine (Tokyo Drift OST)
what's your excuse?:
absolutely NOTHING!

~(",~) (~.")~
in my efforts not to sleep in my world lit class yesterday, i ended up chatting with the philam guy in our class. i think alfred is his name. ^^; sorry i'm not really that good with remembering stuff.


i ended up learning that he's into japanese music. yeeep! ayumi hamasaki in particular. XD i've never been so amused in my life. i dont have a lot of tracks on ayumi save for the ones she did for inuyasha so i decided to youtube her.

i found this:

interesting dont ya think? the girl is ayumi hamasaki and the guy she's singing with is the legendary gackt!

and then... i found this...

isn't it just plain cute? :P


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