to be continued~ ^^,

Monday, October 23, 2006

that's not mine..

hmm.. just had one of the most interesting phone calls ever.. :P duuude~ *i* can't believe you fell for that...

^^ laddida.. XD well.. sorry i lied.. but i just had to cut it short so i could catch america's next top model :P kisses~

gino!!! :P congratulations on getting the job and i'm extremely glad you're doing well. :D

ugh! fucking enrollment! i soo do not want to go through with it but stupid school came up with another bright idea to milk more money out of the students.. it's unfair. they'll be charging Php 200.00 a day after the last day of enrollment for those who will be enrolling late.. FUCKING TWISTED MUCH?!

bleah.. awesome move sister/s! i salute you for being smooth extortionists... god bless your pristine souls!


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