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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a fast one

it's funny how much a person can change in a relatively short amount of time.. hmm... i was amused with what i learned at the beginning.. i never thought he was capable of it.. it really was funny..

[i wish i could go into detail.. but i dont think that would be a good thing..]

what kind of put me off is the whole stature thing... rewind to hmm.. two or three years ago he wasn't as wrapped up with the whole thing and wouldnt outright say that he is of a higher status..

but like he said.. he has his reasons.. i dont necessarily hate it.. im just really surprised.. i know the person i got to know back then is still there... but why do i feel like i cant really hang out with him anymore?

tsk.. i'll have to bring it up to my shrink later on... heehee

[insert witty one-liner and/or some random picture here]


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