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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what the hell are YOU playing at?!

frustration is an annoyingly powerful thing. so instead of ranting about how awesome today was. how fun company chiki and jr were and how great the devil wears prada is, i am going to freaking vent about something that REFUSES to explain itself.

ano ba?! what the hell are you playing at?!

a thousand things run through my head as i try to figure you out but i just end up with nothing but a headache. what is it that you want from me?! wait for you till kingdom comes? and what is it with that timing of yours?

you never told me to wait. maybe i shouldnt. but the moment i look or even come close to having someone else, you're "there" all of a sudden. and the second i do have someone else you come freaking out on me or worse, yourself.

forget everything i said.

i'm just another damaged good and my system is probably fried.

go see the devil wears prada.

chiki :: had lots of fun. thanks. :) see you friday
jr :: i already told you what i think and well, it's now up to you how you're going to deal with things. you owe me dessert.


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