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Saturday, August 05, 2006

hello procrastination

i never thought much of politics so i never considered it as a career option for me but i ended up running and losing (by fourteen votes) during the SCC election. collegiate politics sure is something.

so glad it's all over.

:P mighty congratulations to my party-mates who won and to the people from the other party that i like/d. ^^

anyway, to blow off some steam from losing, chiki went with me to sm north where we walked around for a bit. we were along the perfumes section when the male sales clerk heard us talk about paris hilton. it went like this...

me: they sell paris hilton crap here?!
chiki: yeah-..
clerk: paris hilton ma'am? yes we have paris hilton! (proceeds to show a sickeningly pink bottle)
me: really? i hate paris hilton.

chiki and myself exit stage left.

XD it was funny and interesting though. hehehehe

crappy muffins..

i need to get started on my articles. i havent written one and my deadline's on the 23rd. ethel is so going to kill me.. -.-;;

here's a short list of the people i miss right now:
carmie and jay

i discovered something about myself last friday. it's a known fact that i hate people.. and i never thought i could hate "people" even more.. but i did..

sale+mall+people^3 = @.@


night night~

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