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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hitting the right note~

today was exceptionally special but it's not because donn gave me a teddy bear that hugs back. nope. not even close..

morning was awesome. i saw shanta's mom on the telly and called her up on her cell. i ended up waking her and burning 200 pesos worth of load. :P it's all good though.

got to school. physics and then attended mass. it's the school's foundation day. wow. i didnt know. o.O after the mass, the ONLY running party's candidates were presented to the student body. i took pictures with my meager cellphone cam for the paper. next thing i know, i was face to face with lady holy-orderly-so-high-up-her-pedestal straining to hear her refuse to have her bloody picture taken.

[unprintable string of cussing ensues]

just when i thought things will turn around, the annoying wortless slob of a professor appeared. see, i was planning on ditching his class to finish the paper's layouting and since he was there right in front of me, i thought it only proper to tell him i was missing his class to finish the layouting. apparently i said something else because he answered me with this, "that is not a reason. you will still get a zero in the quiz."

what the FLYING fuck was that?!

[a whole forest of cussing sprouts out of my mouth]

i wasnt asking him to excuse me from his class. the only reason i told him i was skipping his class was because he was right there in front of me and thought it better to tell him myself why i wasn't inside the room.

ethel, myself and sheila walked to the bank to withdraw money for the color separation, so we can actually have the printing started tomorrow! surprise surFUCKINGprise!! the check the accounting office so thoughtfully gave the paper was issued to the WRONG PERSON, insisting it had to be issued to her.

[i was an inch away from just freaking out inside the bank. if it wasn't for the presence of the cute preschooler kid in her little white and blue preschooler checkered uniform i would have.]

sheila went back to school to carry out the idea we thought of regarding the check and the money while ethel and i headed to jollibee to meet up with kuya alex, our layout artist, to discuss the final edits and whatnot, because his keyboard is busted. thankfully ethel and i had our copies of the dummies where we wrote corrections, instructions and reminders on.

an hour and a mutilated scratch paper later, ethel left for work and kuya alex went ahead with his girlfriend. here's what sheila and i had for lunch: shanghai rolls with rice; one piece chicken with rice; two large fries; choco brownie sundae; tuna-melt and drinks.
i need to go through ANGER MANAGEMENT.

and i thought i was just going to write a post about me not being able to sing anything but choir and church songs.

.crap freaking muck.

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