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Friday, June 23, 2006

it's not fair

it really isnt. but it's something i can't do much about. it is during moments like these that i regret spending time with you. i dont know how it turns out for you. but there are only disappointments waiting for me at the end. i'm too much of myself to think that maybe it's hard for you too. funny thing is that i'm the only one who has to suffer. '

i guess you're right.

i am conceited in the wrong god damn way.

kurushii yo.. totemo kurushii...

na.. when do you think we would talk again? you said you'd call but you never did. it's fine though. i wasn't really serious when i asked you to. i should stop talking to you altogether. i might actually look forward to a promise that would just go belly up.

kuma-chan doko?

it was a pretty good dream to. and i actually did look forward to it. i think i still do.. but i really shouldn't. it's not right. you ought to just save the money you would have spent on buying and sending it over.

baka na, watashi ga..

i've known you for a really long time. and i've lost you more than once. but we're talking again.. so i suppose that's good. but i can't seem to recognize you. you and i forget each other and out of the blue we reconnect only to part ways again. it's too much of a predictable cycle that i can't seem to break.

i think i'm crying inside. but even if that's the case..

anata ni aitai..

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