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Thursday, June 08, 2006

surprise surprise~

this is what happens to me when i finish reading something really and i mean really good.

I am in love once more. It happens every time I open a book, turn its pages and lose myself within its sea of words.

My dark sullen world is reborn every time I hold in my hands the gentlest and wisest of all bound made realities. It brings me life and death like longed for presents wrapped up in a beautiful bow.

Words become pictures. Pictures become animated. The animated become real. They speak to me when they speak to another. They hold me when they dance together. They love me when they do each other.

I am afraid I will never love a mortal man like I would with the endless beings in literature. No man I will hold closer to my heart than Lestat and Morpheus. No man will satisfy me like they do.

In fiction is my reality, my life, my everything. I will forgive no one who chastises what they do not know or even understand. I will forgive no one.

I bow before those who made me feel joy. I am forever grateful to those who gave birth to the dreams that I now own.

Now, I desire to never be at a loss again. To be blessed upon with wonderful dreams to my last breath. I wish to live till the moment I die.

Within these pages I have found a home.

it just happened.

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  • At 6/08/2006 5:08 PM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    So sweet ;) Such a good writter.. I've really got to get that book.. well.. all of them. Just remeber that when fiction becomes your reality,your living a dream..


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