to be continued~ ^^,

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


and about time too!

while livejournal and xanga has been fun and extremely forgiving of my emo *hack* rantings i just had to go back to my first online journal. so thanks a bunch to blogger for keeping my dormant blog alive!

with that aside, let's move on to business shall we?

i was going through pinoy cosplay this morning when i got a text from donn asking me if i was awake. i replied to him an affirmative an asked him why and lo! donn told me to go outside my house coz he was there. anyway, after much rushing to get myself cleaned up because i just woke up, i went outside and we ended up walking around the neighborhood and the not-so near neighborhood for an hour and a half! heehee.. we ought to do it again next time minus the incredibly serious topic ne?


too bad donn forgot to bring me omiyage from bicol~

lagot ka saken!! ^^


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