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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

totally senseless ranting go!

>.< ugh... who ever said working out makes people feel better? i soooooooooooo did not! i had my first work out session thingy early this morning... came out crap tired and irritated... X.x

i hate being upstaged by a handfull of people... i will admit defeat and being 2nd to people i know are just greater than i am but there are some people i dont wanna loose to... buuuuuuuu!!! >.<*

bisexuality does not suck! come forward those who disagree... -.-

*twirl* *skip *hop* *pose* *V!*

dulcinea eclairs are just plain pastry love! not too sweet not to bland... XD i know something else that tastes even better than eclairs... :P and i'm the only person who gets to have it... envy me! XD

ummm... ani con is almost here!!! i still dont have clothes... yay!!! tenchan shop with me? :D

*bounces off the wall*


i just realized i would kill for ten tons of yaoi manga and anime vcds//dvds :P

teni puri rules!!!


chickens own your soul!!! XD ask creole!!! they soooooooooo do!


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