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Thursday, May 04, 2006

i finally got to go out again yesterday.

i got a cab to the mall. bad mistake since the traffic along ortigas was horrible.

when i got to timezone, khan was already playing guitar freaks. we played a couple more games and watched silent hill. pretty damn disturbing movie. we walked in on the last 30 minutes and it was pretty good. lots of zombies and blood and burning. we waited for the movie to run again and i fell asleep on khan's shoulder//chest as soon as the part we came in on played. then we had dinner at yoshinoya. got a safaboo~ heehee... which is now clipped on my cell. cute little thing..

the best part was the ride back. the upside to not having your own car and being able to take a cab when it's extremely late is that you just get to sit back and doze off some more.. khan lost of his baby fats and got lots of muscle. damn. so he's not so cuddly anymore... but he's still warm and still hugs back.. so it's cool...

i finished my first article for the first issue of the school paper today. a commentary on the whole da vinci code frenzy.. i doubt if the nuns will like it. or if it gets published at all. too much for press freedom in an exclusive college.

well, that's one article now i have to come up with four feature articles. one band feature, a the da vinci code book and movie review, and two more other articles i havent even decided on yet.

i just hope i reach my quota and my deadline.



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