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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Karin te nani?

^^ Karin is the newest addition to my anime collection. :P

it's a 24 episode series about Karin, a not-so vampiric vampire, who instead of sucking the blood of her victims she reproducs blood and transfers it to the person she's biting. X.x she's also able to can eat human food and withstand sunlight. her completely normal vampire father sends her to study in highschool where a tranfer student, Kenta Usui, discovers her secret and was forced to keep quiet and to watch over karin!

it's 24 episodes of comedy, light mush, love squares, vampire hunting and a gaijin vampire hunter who talks funny. heehee.. highly recommended to anyone who's just looking for something easy but fun to watch.. XD

here are some screenshots: (i was too lazy to edit them and to take better ones. gomen ne?)


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