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Saturday, May 27, 2006

anata ni aitai..

but no. not today and not any time soon. which is fine.


things rarely go as planned. my dad had to lug around 4 bags of kitty litter while we walked from sm makati to greenbelt. the japanese restaurant we wanted to eat in was closed.. we weren't able to watch the da vinci code because there weren't any seats left. *sigh* and i feel like i'm drifting away from donn.

on the other hand,

i ended up buying the over-priced archery book i've been wishing for. had fun at timezone. :) kit and myself managed to reserve seats for the first showing of the da vinci code tomorrow. and as i feel donn fading from my radar, another person came into view again. i guess a great deal of distance between us rendered us incapable of disliking each other after breaking up. //thanks drew//.

sana bukas iba naman.

the da vinci code movie, F1 race proper =live!= and baby hanz :)

but right now? let me dream of things i will never have.

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