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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

this just in..

X.x i'm going to be working on the da vinci article alooone~!! sheila's got her ojt thing going on so she won't be able to work on the article with me. nuts. after all that never ending dvc hype, i just got fed-up. i think i'm now a wee bit allergic to it.

it's remotely sick how there's a da vinci code book/movie related article in the two papers i read and come sunday, the priest is more than happy to tell you that even thinking of seeing the movie is an insult to our almighty father.


i am not enjoying this at all. doitsumo koitsumo... *rawr!*

my dad will be flying in tomorrow from SA. i am not sure how long he'll be staying. i just hope that there would be less tension and stress or i just might snap before i could make something out of my life. =.=

my neice left early this morning.. i am once again left to handle my sister, mother and father on my own. i cant wait to get enough money to buy half the stuff on my anime dvd wish list.. *sigh*

there's no plus side aside from the somehow cool weather. i hope it rains hard tonight.

ai shiteruze raffy~

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