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Friday, May 26, 2006

^^ good morning raffy~

so after a disastrous afternoon yesterday, my cousin and his wife, kuya tracee and ate jenny managed to bring my dad to our house from the airport.

heehee.. my sister got the w800i phone which she specifically requested for and my dad even upgraded my mom's phone to a nokia 3230. sweet! i love my mom's phone just because it has some pretty nifty and fun games installed in it. i was playing all three games like crazy until 2:00 in the morning.

x.X i found out a couple of days ago that there's going to be another yaoi convention this year. actually it's this month, this week.. OKAY!! it's going to happen tomorrow.. wont be able to go coz my dad just got here yesterday and i dont think he'd be too thrilled to know what a yaoi convention is exactly.. v.v i wanna gooooooooooooo~!! *sniff*


on the brighter side.. i'm pretty sure i would be able to go to this japanese music fest sometime in july! i got permission from one of the organizers to go trigger happy with the R1. :D i can't wait!! the music, the people and the booze!! july 8 is marked on my calendar. and by huckleberry fin's foot, i am not missing that event! hah! all for the love of jrock! and pop. :P

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hyuu hyuuuu~



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