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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

mad season

I feel stupid but it's something that comes and goes
And I've been changing, think it's funny how no one knows
We don't talk about the little things that we do without
When that whole mad season comes around

yeeeep~ i feel incredibly silly. im excited about school starting up again.. but i still dont like it. i wish i was on vacation forever.. but i cant have that now can i? :P oh well...

i still have a lot hanging over my head. more than a handful of articles to write, print and pass; coventions to attend and take pictures of; get my cgm; salvage my stuff from brownies; have a social life and think of a way to acquire//"make" money. ~.~ much luck to me

Do you think you can cope
You figured me out that I'm lost and I'm hopeless
I'm bleeding and broken, though I've never spoken
I come undone in this mad season

i'm really glad online schooling has reached the philippines. my dad's interested in taking a couple of courses and so am i. ^^ i can make time. heehee i think.

hmmmmmm... care packages. what would you like in yours? i'm thinking of sending drew the beaded accessory thing that he asked for and umm.. i have no idea. i dont think they would allow me to fedex a piece of accessory. o.O perishable goods are a definite no-no. umm.. crap.

pretty, pretty metallic black pearl/zildjan drumset. i wish i had a picture to show. myuu myuuu~

you guys ought to try this.

lyrics are from matchbox20's mad season


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