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Saturday, June 03, 2006

oh me of little intellect

i had a blast with the movie benchwarmers. heehee. i thought it was just going to suck big time not because i thought it had a lame plot but because of the retards seated behind us. apparantly they were too busy fucking each other when good morals and right conduct was being taught. they were too bloody loud and just plain idiotic. i was an inch away from shoving their drinks down their throats, cup, straw and all.

thankfully, the movie distracted them. they laughed when there was something to laugh about and they kept saying profanities like it's the "cool" thing to do.

so yeah... the benchwarmers. incredibly fun movie. not too sappy come the conflict and drama part. so it's all good heehee. anyone wanting an instant laugh trip should watch this film. ^^

i think we just scrapped any plans of seeing over the hedge. :P i like cute furry cg animals but nothing beats the idea of seeing antonio banderas' new movie, take the lead. yup. me sucker for dance movies that make sense. heehee

on more serious matters..

jess i'm sorry! i really am..


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