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Thursday, June 01, 2006

you can't be serious

for just this week alone, i have seen two movies, the da vinci code and X-men 3. today, i might see over the hedge or benchwarmers or both.

i do not feel up to it

i feel lousy. again.

there's nothing good on tv. i still have to go to mapua.

oh well

i thought i jammed my summer up with a whole bunch of activities so i wouldnt have to fall into these weird emotional lapses that make me feel like i am the most pathetic protozoa out there. i made a mistake. while i signed up for summer classes and what not i forgot about the time between the last day of summer classes and the first day of the school year.

i am such a genius!

just wait till i get my hands of some dough. i'm going to be swimming in anime till my eyes are all bloodshot and sore!

i ought to work on my articles..


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