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Friday, June 16, 2006

clickity click effing click

so far. and i dont just mean physical distance. THAT i dont mind at all. but so much in between us. it's not even fun anymore.

i want an

my dad left today. i have to admit i felt a little down when i couldnt go with him to the airport because i had classes. mrs. lecheron was nice enough to let me skip today's class so i could talk with pops till he wasnt allowed to use his phone in the plane anymore. heeheehee.. i have to admit, i'm not really used to him leaving. i had a hard time keeping the water works down because i was inside the library. thankfully, it was nearly empty save myself and the librarians. XD

it's never easy having someone drift away from you. kainis! i hate it even more when the world is going out of its way to show me that the distance between me and people in question is growing by the fucking second!

there are moments when some people from waaay way way back all of a sudden pop back into your life. nothing so serious and grave. just old acquaintances calling up to say hello.

[life is such a duck.]

there are some people who just hang on to you like they actually mean it. they're crazy by themselves, up the ante when they're with you and just go bezerk when all three of you are together in a room. XD jay and jess. you guys are two sick umm.. -.-;; guys! yep. guys. :P nah.. they're really quite nice. a whole lot over board most of the time. but still nice. love you both~

//luis! they dont allow people to fedex every variety, let alone a single kind, of PANCIT CANTON. sorry~//

i went on a trl errand today with my EIC, ethel. XD it was fun! it would have been more fun if ILA was there but.. ch~ we got ourselves inside a cab after loading up with cash from the corner bank. we motored to sm north where we placed ourselves inside cyberzone. the item we had to find? an affordable, reliable and a good, if not great, digital camera. after much store hopping and deliberating, we ended up purchasing a PREMIER DV5040, a 5 megapixel cam, 3 megapixel video cam, pretty decent webcam, mp3 player and voice recorder all assembled in a tiny metallic baby blue package. XD added to that was a 1G sd card, a battery charger hub and 2 pairs of rechargable batteries. we ended up saving more than i expected, so ethel allowed our nourishment (mcdonald's cheeseburger meal, upsized) and transpo (it was raining so we both got cabs). heehee. ah the joys of a free late afternoon lunch! ^^

next up for the trl? hell if i know. the academe is too much of an academe to let us be a student publication that is for the students. *sigh*

i need to learn basic accounting and management. i want to!

rafael has a new look:

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