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Monday, July 17, 2006

put it back to where it was..

i was checking my mail and saw a friendster notice saying i have a friend request from chiki. so i log in to my friendster account and looked through chiki's profile~

let me start with her pictures. she told me and ernie last friday about the latest addition to her photos, a chiki anime version pic.

Chiki, my immediate boss.

i just had to save both pictures and stare. see, i tried my hand and my pen tab at a little cg. never had formal training nor the time to really learn it so the whole thing just slid through my brain. i ended up focusing on making gifs and cell wallpapers and then stopped altogether. *shrug* looking at chiki's photos reminded me to use my pentab that i basically allowed my sister to abuse. =.=;; i think i'm going to try my hand at cg/anime art once again.

XD couldn't have picked a better time too, this week is prelims week. i got exams from wednesday to friday. bleah.

i need to see dead man's chest! i so do not want to miss out. ~.~ i just HAD to watch superman returns.. i am such a loser.

i am NOT looking forward to this weekend. i was supposed to go to my grandma's place and then see my dentist to get those dental work down. o.O retainers, good lard! anyway, my pre-scheduled plans got scrapped when i was told that there was going to be another code-m meeting. i am not going to be a happy person this saturday.

i wouldn't mind some booze right about now.

but it's only monday, things might get moved around. the weather might permit some changes that i may benefit from.. yeah right. i need to work on my optimism.

why am i so darn gloomy?!

must be the candy..

yeah must be the candy.


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