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Thursday, July 06, 2006

don't do it *there*!

hmm.. so much work to be done.. and yet i don't feel like i'm busy enough.

physics class suck to high hell! why do people let ignorant fools teach subjects they can never comprehend?! bleah~ i blame capitalism.

atleast the chorale's turning out great! the freshies needs lots of practice and they have a lot to get used to but i have high hopes for the scc.

is it alright to say that my teeth hurt? :P okay, not my teeth. but my wisdom tooth is giving me some pains. pft. thank goodness i'm scheduled to see the dentist a couple of days from now.

bubble pop electric. yep. i'm listening and singing along to gwen stefanie.

the world is getting smaller and smaller and fucking smaller by the second.

maybe i can have my own planet just like little prince! only i'm going to grow people, cut them down and watch them shrivel up and die. XD

since teddy is too busy with work i'm going to go now.. ~.~

i'm soo not ready to re-learn physics the absolutely WRONG and CONFUSING way! weee~


toads and boogers

image from organic-planet


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