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Monday, July 10, 2006

down that road, right after the 3rd hill

july 7th, 2006, friday afternoon

i left manila for nasugbu, batangas. it was a pretty good trip until my cousin's car broke down. thankfully, it was just a small case of the engine over-heating because the gasoline boy from earlier that afternoon didnt screw the cap for the water tank thingy properly. i had to walk/run to the gate of some obscure "posh" village to ask for water. :P good thing the guards manning the gate were incredibly nice and got the water for me. the water station was a good distance from the gate and i had them fill up a relatively huge container TWICE. i wish i could credit my utterly cute face for their generosity and kindness but the guards were just really nice and probably bored. heehee.

we finally reached my grandma's house after a couple more miles and a shameless McDonald's stopover.

it was cool to see my grandma and nieces and to stay over for the whole weekend. everything was such a blur but i remember it being extremely fun. heehee. i'm sorry i had to leave raffy to fend for himself but it's all good.

i got back yesterday with news of more expenses for my mother and dad. i went to see our dentist while i was at my grandma's and aside from just having my teeth cleaned, i left the dentist with a pretty nifty picture //x-ray// of back part of the right-side of my lower jaw that i complained about.

I'M GOING TO HAVE SURGERY~!! isn't that great? my first ever excursion under the knife and it's because my wisdom tooth is impacted! i would have to live with it till sembreak though. the dentist lady said that the operation would leave my face swollen and that it would take awhile and since i can't miss out on school, i would have to wait.

i am excited as much as i am petrified of the thoughts of HOW they're going to go through with the extraction of my not so wise wisdom tooth. the dentist said they cant just bloody yank the thing out since there's little space to do so, as you can see. i think i remember her say something about slicing, sections, little piece, out. or was that OUCH? bleah. in any case. i need to have that tooth removed. it hurts like a bitch sometimes.

strawberry muffins and blue tartar sauce.

i'm too out of myself to do any of the work i'm supposed to do. im yet to re-write one of the articles my co-writers turned in. i have to re-write it since plain editing wont do. bleah. '

i'm getting retainers for my upper teeth. :P like, oh my god! i'm going to have retainers. i am sooo going to look like a total dork. does it come in other colors? i dont think stainless steel works for me. *cough* *gag* *coughs my lungs out*



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