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Sunday, July 16, 2006

strawberry jam

saw superman returns today with my sister and mother. i ended up liking the movie, and for a moment, appreciating superman.


i miss my baby girl.. :S too bad she isn't really mine nor is she my younger sister. ~.~ oh well, such is life.. heehee

isn't she just the cutest?! XD i get all happy and excited when people ask me if i'm related to that little angel whenever we go around the school. heehee. she's such a sweet child too! she gives out the nicest hugs and the cutest laugh.


people say we look alike. even ate teri said so. but she's definitely in a different league of cute and cuddly than i.

i had a weird sandwich and american chopper for breakfast yesterday. the cab driver played praise music the whole trip. we were in the cab for almost an hour.

why cant spongebob be green?

i want to go to glorietta.

i'm going to bed

it's not FUNNY!!! pocky


  • At 7/17/2006 8:27 AM, Blogger Michael said…

    I was just in Saipan and Japan and had my first pocky stick.

    Man, they are addicting. The almond and chocolate ones are fantastic.

    Love the blog.



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