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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

he said what now?

we all have friends that we haven't seen in awhile. i happen to have a friend that i have not seen in years.. we were talking via msn messenger earlier and he sent me a picture of himself together with his najimi [japanese for intimate//special friend]. i started laughing as soon as i saw the pic. kuya gino, my old time buddy, hasn't changed at all! he's still that wee stick of a person that i got to know. his hair is still the same, thank goodness his clothing sense isn't.

kuya gino and ate april

showed the photo to my mom and sister, who mirrored my sentiments. XD sorry kuya g, but that's the truth. :P

i made a total ass out of myself early this afternoon. i was stupid enough not to check my exam schedule and walked in on a room of a totally different class. thankfully, the proctor knew me and told me i wasnt in that class. as soon as the people in the room started laughing and turned 180 degrees and stepped out of the room. (o..O) apparently my physics exam isn't till friday afternoon.


i want to own a copy of every The Simpsons episode, aired or not. :P

"Don't you get it? It's all Christianity, people!
The little, stupid differences are nothing next to the big stupid similarities!"
~Bart Simpson


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