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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

down my throat

listening to led zeppelin's heartbreaker reminded me of oji the section chief. the guitar riffs i would give a chunk of my anime collection and anne rice books to learn how to play. ledzep is THAT good.


thanks to aldrich for lending me his uncle's awesome cds.. i wish it had mobydick in it but i cant be picky :P

the first ish of the school paper will be released tomorrow! yay~ staffers can only think of one word during release date: HONORARIUM!!! hehehe. it's not much but it's a wee more than just something. :P

lexus has always been sensitive to music. he doesnt sing or play any instrument. he just responds to it. right now i'm not sure about what he thinks of led zeppelin. he's beside me and we're directly in front of raffy who's yelling ledzep tunes. you'd think he'd freak out like he did when he heard paris hilton play while he was sleeping because led tends to be loud at times. but that's not how he's reacting. he currently has his eyes closed. i'm pretty sure he's still awake because his ears are still moving a little and he opened his eyes when i paused the playing for awhile. it's either he likes led zeppelin or he thinks it's a nice album to sleep with. oh well.

to each his own, man.. to each his fucking own.

chiki! cosmo+fries+hotfudgesundae=absolutefun^3 THANKS!!!
ethel! XD see you tomorrow! :P i wonder how much i'm getting. heehee

i leave you with a little something taken during the elections..

yep.. guy to the right is one of my professors.
'nuff said.


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