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Monday, August 28, 2006

life lessons my crummy @ss

having felt the need to just complete my theo3 practicum, i had mama find me another work that would count as church service. so i hauled myself off my bed at five in the morning, took a bath, got into a pair of trainers, worn out jeans and a tee and went with ate lady to malate church.

dum dum duuuuuum!

met up with the old lady that was the head of the NGO i will be working for and she drove all of us to her house/office. what transpired next made me wonder if i was living in the same world as this woman. here's a list of what made me doubt everything that i knew of the real world:
  • #she used a freaking bell to call for her umm.. servants..
  • #as she ate breakfast, a whole swarm of people fawned over her for approval and whatnot
  • #i have mentioned the bell yes?
i guess that's the old rich for you. the house and the lot still looks great even if time has worked its magic on it. the whole bell thing freaked me out. it's not even remotely funny. i swear that if she EVER uses that to call me i'm quitting! theo3 be damned! i will not have anyone, let alone a rich old woman, ring for me.



i was supposed to go back to school to meet up with kuya john after work, which wasn't so bad by the way. they just had me encode stuff. easy stuff but it did give me a headache. the pc i ended up using looked the same as the computers we used back in gradeschool computer class (that was 7 or 8 years ago). not to mention the company, the two slightly older ladies in the office, were nice and funny. :)

since i've never been to that place/area before i didn't have the slightest clue as to how to get back. i ended up taking two jeepney rides instead of one because i got nervous and got off the first jeepney too damn early. bleah.

at the house, i ate like i haven't eaten in days, changed out of my "work" clothes and laid down for a bit.


got the chocolate and money pops asked his officemate to give us. timezone ain't the same anymore. i blame myself for totally neglecting my arcade life for about half a year!


had my timezone card replaced though. now it's blue and nifty. :P

sister arrived at around quarter to 6, ate and had my mom and myself march to the national bookstore. i came out empty handed but full on the tired legs.

JR!!! pasalubong ko? :P heehehehe tell me all about hongkong okies?

:( got school tomorrow. 7:30am.


oh yeah.. wednesday! THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.. need i say more?


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