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Friday, September 08, 2006

who's coming to save you now?

midterms are finally DONE!!!

hehehe.. a whole damn lot of snags and bumps before yesterday but i managed to get through those three days without collapsing in on myself.


never mind what happened wednesday. i decided to share those two answers. i must live with that. i guess he'll never know how sorry i am and i suppose he'll never know how scared i am now of him.

sir basir! i wish every school in this country has you in it! thanks for the worry and support. i know things will turn out.. not the way they want it to, but it will turn out. :) i can't wait.

a world falls apart everyday. why must you think that when yours crumble the world should stop and shower you with... pity is what you want yes?

//in your efforts to keep anyone you so desperately want by your side, you push them away//

i think you have agitated her enough.

is this a war? i dont know. always thought life was such.. but is this a declaration or are you just taunting me? we'll see.. i stand to lose nothing if pitted against you.

the nutcracker may be performed soon..



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