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Friday, September 01, 2006

all time sugar low

donn, i know i told you this last night but really, thank you.

joel, i dont tell you this often enough, thank you.

life and love are two different things but are alike in the sense that they never come easy and is usually too good to be true.

//i tear my heart open, i sew myself shut. and my weakness is that i care too much. and my scars remind me, that the past is real. i tear my heart open just to feel// [scars-papa roach]

for all the thinking i do and have done, my brain is incapable of coming up with an answer. lol. to wait or not to wait, THAT is the question.

//and i wont let myself be happy. i cut myself just to feel the pain. and i wont give up anything for you... i'm going down and noone can save me// [self inflicted-smile empty soul]

i am a bloody idiot. yeeep.. that's me. but thankfully, i've got joel who said no matter what i come up with he'd still be right there somewhere in the shadows with me. i hate this whole stuck thing. so i'll come up with a decision sooner or later. lawyers have more time to come up with closing statements to present to the jury in my head. not everyone is going to be happy with whatever i decide on.

and i stand to lose a lot.

a whole damn lot.


//love is insane, baby we are too. it's our hearts little grave and the salt in our wounds// [salt in our wounds-HIM]


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