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Saturday, September 09, 2006

oh me of spazmic proportions :P

yesterday started out quite well. spoke with chiki on the phone, watched some anime and that's when all my patience just simmered down to nothing.

i hate being rushed especially when there's no reason for me to. //annoying moment deleted//

got to school, changed out of my shirt and headed for jollibee to meet up with chiki and got to see erna too! heehee so after chiki and myself played good student, bad student on erna, we finally managed to drag her away from her three-hour theology class to gateway.

bought tickets for You, Me and Dupree. [really awesome movie, drop by my friendster profile to know what i think of it.] had burgers and fries for lunch. gawked at the guys playing drumania and went off to see the movie.

unbeknownst to us, there was a sizeable crowd forming outside the top floor of gateway. the reason? BATISTA was there. i ended up fangirling like i never fangirl-ed before. i called ralph and joel and i still couldnt get over myself. i saw shanta and tried to tell her why i was so excited but i STILL couldnt calm down. chiki, who was also excited but was more collected than i was, texted her brother to gloat. we borrowed erna's cam to take pics of him but being the total idiot that i am, couldnt cut it. chiki took a video though. thanks babe!

oh my good god! batista is sooooooooooo effing hot! wearing all white and ugh! damn.. @.@ i thought i was going to puke or pass out or do both! i was so not emotionally ready for that kind of onslaught.

*inhale... exhale..*

chiki and erna were kind enough to let me play a round of drumania to let off the energy and steam that i didnt need. long line, cute guy and then it was my turn. the guy who went after was kind enough to let me use his sticks and i had a ball! it's been months since i last went near a drumset let alone a drumania console, so my right arm just locked up as my first song neared its end. but there were too many people watching, chiki and erna were there too, so i soldiered on and got the following scores, A for monster tree; A for sadame; A for sobakasu and B for across the nightmare. all played in extreme mode, x 4.0 and 4.5 speeds. i need to brush up on what little drumming skills i have. :P

weee! got stickee pickies and while erna was cutting them up i went on a little dare from the bunny. went up to the cute guy and asked him if he was single. lol. it was a hoot, here's how it went:
me: umm.. excuse me?
cute guy: stops and stares at me
me: i was just wondering if you're with anyone right now?
cute guy: couldnt seem to hear me so he moves closer and leans towards me a bit
me: repeates the question
cute guy: oh you mean right now?
me: no, no. i mean if you have a girlfriend.
*we both pause and stare at each other.
cute guy: smiles like i just asked the cuttest question on the planet. [if idiots can pull off HALF the gentle and amused smile that the cute guy had, id be all over those half-wits] yeah, i have a girlfriend.
me: yeah? cool! thanks! i smile at him for being nice enough to entertain and answer my question.

and then i went back to HQ to report to the master bunny and the erniekin. :P

after THAT, we headed for starbucks, sat down and had an even more interesting evening. :)

much thanks to erna and chiki for the awesome, awesome day.
shoutout to clarence, miguel and that cute guy for being awesome sports! :P


myself, erna and chiki after having lunch. :P

same crew, same place. gateway's foodcourt baby~

heehee, taken just before You, Me and Dupree started.

the bunny and me

haha! i should leave the pouting to the professionals. i look ridiculous. XD


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