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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

beta beta beta!

check it ooout i'm on blogger beta!

well, you cant really see it but i can. ^^ it looks like the old version, feels like it too, but it has a whole plethora (i love that term) of add-ons and new kick-ass service. i just signed up and i am still too lazy to learn all of them but i will as soon as i'm done with a couple of school work..

^^ can't wait to try video blogging.. lol

on school:

it's the intramurals.

i hate it.

not as much as i did last year but i still dont like it..

my events? XD volleyball (which i suck at terribly), basketball (i can't run to save my life) and scrabble (i'm not sure how to play it)

on family:

i never wanted to drive back to the city after staying with my grandma and nieces and having to work my ass off for four straight days..

it was fuuun! ^^


i want to pull all of my hair out... ~.~


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