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Sunday, October 29, 2006

3 1/2 hours ver. 2

great... ugh!

since the first one got deleted because raffy acted up, i'm just going to fucking wing this..

went to metrowalk with chiki, ralph and erna to meet up with marie and ethel. at the jam wicked party thing we got introduced to ate cindy. since the crowd and the party wasnt really happening [sorry!] chiki and ern went around to look for a place we could stay in.

at the end we all ended up at decades... where i had a couple of drinks, a mai tai and a margarita. chiki and ralph had a couple of beers and a mai tai for chix. ern had dinner and some fruit juice i think and marie had something on the rocks. during the time we were drinking, ethel and ate cindy were outside waiting for chris cayzer's performance. hehehe. :P ethel's a fangirl! heehee.

come 11 in the evening, ethel and ate cindy still out of sight. we all ended up dancing. and danced we did till early this morning. :P when the place got too cramped ern and ralph went out to starbucks i think.. so it was just marie, chiki and myself left to dance. heehee.. thankfully, marie's friends, wilson and allison [both guys mind you], joined us for a couple of songs...

MUCH later that evening or was it early this morning? anyway, more than a couple of hours after we started dancing, ethel and ate cindy finally went back and joined us. by that time, our general area at decades became cramped.. so hello sweat and random body parts.. when it was just me and marie left dancing, that's when things started turning out. :P

marie pushed me towards this one guy i didnt notice was dancing behind me.. :P a couple more songs and we were dancing together.. and needless to say he was good... ^^ i think it was when i was just dancing with him and not him and marie that he initiated small talk and asked for my number. lol. it was insane! the speakers were amped up and we had to be pretty close to each other to hear what the other was saying..

so i gave him my number and whatnot and the next thing i know marie left me there with him. -.-;; but i still saw them seated where our bags were so i didnt worry. me and arnold [yep.. arnold] carried on with the dancing and when i looked to check, my bag was gone and marie and ethel were no where in sight! x.X arnold, noticing my worry, helped me find them. which we did outside of decades.. we talked some more and then we both had to go..

we rendezvoused at a table near starbucks. it was then confirmed that ralph has been awake for 24 hours and that i can be easilly influenced by friends... lol ^^

we headed our separate ways at around 4:30 in the morning and i got back to my house past five... mommy was all smiles and nice towards marie, ethel and ate cindy who took the same cab as me but once i got up, she started yapping. bleah. everything she said this morning just made me enjoy it even more.

so sorry mother dear but i'm already twenty! 20. count them and weep. i hate to be a bitch but there comes a point in your life that you have to fucking see that.


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marie and myself while on the way to meet up with chix, ern and ralph @ starbucks

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ralph and ern. i know it's fuzzy but dont you think these two fashionistas, who just met, compliment each other well fashion wise? :P

sorry! my cell's cam is just a vga cam. i would have taken more pictures if i could~ :P

let's do it again!

all of a sudden i dont mind just having 3.5 hours worth of sleep. hmmm.. :P


  • At 11/05/2006 12:52 AM, Anonymous erna! said…

    omg jem i love you for this pic! ^_^

    x o x o

    did you find your bags?


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