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Friday, December 08, 2006

relaxation is a feat only a few can do

i think the intramurals is finally at its end. the only thing left to do is to attend the awarding ceremony on monday and go back to our regular classes the day after..

i'm glad it's going to be over soon.

to my team mates, good job and good game all around.

the women's blue team lost all of their games ofcourse. i contributed little to us not losing so much. i'm seriously not built for running or shooting or recieving and stopping a ball. i'm leaving basketball and volleyball to the professionals.

to our competitors.. great job. ^^ thanks for trying not to murder us so much like your predecessors did last year.

i ought to take up a sport that is a far cry from basket ball and volley ball.. a sport like archery perhaps.. yeah... archery sounds great.

i'll leave you to awe at another unsigned talent:

and to turn into mush at the awesome guitar riffs of this song.. :)

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