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Saturday, December 16, 2006

movie reruns and bad weather

saturdays are sick. i can't believe the day i start missing being IN school came!

heh! the dean wishes i miss school but it's not really the college that i miss. it's the people.. yeah.. the people. some of them are sicker than the school and the dean put together but the ones i hang with are awesome.

kuya lester... you freaking missed out! :P

i found myself in school yesterday afternoon even though i didnt have any exam scheduled for that day. i ended up in starbucks with ethel, marie, john, chiki, joel, ralph and mark. the number of theresians that i saw surprised me but i was taken aback at how they acted. that's another ball game though. it took me awhile to understand that the alumni are of a different breed than the current ones. :P

ethel and i ended up sitting together inside starbucks while the whole lot of them remained outside for the freedom to smoke, heat and less chattering from the other patrons inside the store. i'm excited for ethel's movie project! she allowed me to read her script and it's pretty damn interesting. i really can't wait to see it. i'm pretty sure it'll turn out great~! much luck on that..

ralph.. i learned the most amusing way NOT to let you drink more than one serving of any caffeinated drink. it was fun to watch you ride that caffeine high of yours. you really are just plain cute~


i worked on my christmas list earlier today.. still got to figure out what to give to three people. @.@ i just hope i manage to come up with something before the year ends.

friends, if all goes well, expect your gifts in january. ^^


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