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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a little bit of that

a friend of mine told me that all we need is a little bit of kilig.

i thought he was crazy. :P

it's a pretty interesting feeling, that kilig. so interesting that there's no english word for it. it's relatively hard to explain since the feeling is different for everyone. me? i feel a hodgepodge of mushy gushy teenybopper-ish kinds of emotions. i'd feel giddy [like *squee* kind of giddy. -.-;;], cute and flushed all at the same time.

pathetic and just plain idiotic when you think about it. then again, feeling it is another ball game.

i'm not going to go into details. i think i already overtold the story. XD

now what would be a great track for said kilig moment?

o.O can't think of any songs. lol :D leave it.

my piso's worth :: being kilig [good lord. i sound so bloody conio X.x] is like having ice cream. you don't fuss about making a mess or not having any after finishing your cone. you just focus on enjoying the pleasantly cold treat. don't start wandering away thinking that it could be more than just plain kilig and start planning a wedding! ^^ see, the best thing is to just savor the moment but don't stay there forever.

it just makes for good chitchat ;P

heehee look at what i found~ :D

movie :: Step Up
song :: Till the Dawn
by :: Drew Sidora


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