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Sunday, February 11, 2007

ugh! bleah~

...because some people, very much like the person who gave birth to you, are hypocrites!!!

sure, i am not the most religous person on the bloody solar system. i do not attend mass every sunday, nor do i pray every night before going to bed but i sure as hell don't mess around when it comes to the big guy way up there..


atleast i don't go to mass when i don't feel like it. i don't participate in processions when i'm mad and i definitely don't go around scolding my daughter on a street corner where there are a lot of people around to hear and see!!!!!!


end notes :: (totally unrelated.. sort of~)

xander :: thanks for the earrings. they're incredibly pretty and i like them. i'm sorry i woke you when i called earlier.

tux~!!! my zedge buddy of mine~ :: i miss exchanging texts with you tooo~ and thanks for dropping by my blog every time you're online ;p

chiki :: get well soon, bunny. much prayers and love.

i now leave you to ponder on life, love, food, sports... poop? or whatever it is that you must reflect on with this...

lewey bear and the death glare~
isn't he just plain cute? :P


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