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Thursday, July 31, 2008

well, sh*t

miss lapastora told me that i'm a powerful student. and being the highly intellectual person that i am said, "ha?"

she went on to explain that since i'm both the editor-in-chief of the school paper and the president of the student council, i'm a powerful person.

my reply? "Naku, miss! sa pangalan lang yan!"

and it's true! if people think being in office gives me a heck of a lot of perks and i get to have things done my way. you're horridly wrong.

i, along with the whole student council, can't even get the orderlies to let us have the acquaintance/victory party without experiencing resistance and rejection at every turn. the EdBoard's honorarium is taking forever to be released and it's a total lie for me to say that everyone i work with respects me and my office.

it's called bullshit, people. and it's the cheap, thoughtless kind too.

everything's annoying to say the least and bloody unprofessional at best.

yup! lots of fun over at le alma mater.


my fervent wish? for people to learn and practice something as basic as respect.

the truth? they'll never learn to mean it even if it their lives depended on it.



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