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Monday, July 21, 2008

tap, click, type

seeing as it's been forever since my last post, i decided to bump my blog back to life with this...

someone texted me earlier today and this is what he had to say:

"i listed down my reasons why i wanted to kill myself;
i did it over and over and every time i did,
it became worse- comical even." -setsuko kano

this reminded me of you.

i said thank you. i'm all for being remembered~ XD


what to talk about...

i can't think of anything... except, watching someone relatively close to you become stubborn out of fear is really something. there's nothing shameful about feeling fear. but when you let it push you into a corner, that's the time one ought to feel effing silly.

pitiful is the mind frozen in fear
pathetic is the heart blinded with denial
useless is the soul that refuses to see
all of which you have become

you yearn for advice
wisdom of experience and time
yet you refuse to hear!
and chose to wear rose-colored glasses

countless are the moments of companionship
unquestionable is the strength of friendship
but infinite they are not
and time wears them thin

little child, little child
head thy sorrowed friends
cast away thy fear
embrace, instead, your tears

fight this battle
and the ones that shall be borne of it
see it as a challenge
and not as your punishment

you're not alone on this
you got me...
even if he leaves you for shit
you WILL still have us.

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