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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

heathens, smartasses and conceited fools... lend me your... eyes?

hay... to say this week, this very day (wednesday) has been draining and tiring is a bloody understatement.

here's a small list of what i have to take care of this week alone:
  1. acquaintance party :: as in, collecting of payments, compensating for and cleaning up after the officers who are MIA (Missing In Action), ineffective, causes PANDEFUCKINGMONIUM, and a hell of a lot more
  2. a news feature about siena college and the jubilee thing
  3. OJT
  4. let's not forget academics
[start rant] effing sorry but i really need to get this off my chest. call me a flipping hypocrite if i didn't admit that it annoys me when i hear people say they're being overwhelmed and are getting tired from doing their council work. it's not that i don't appreciate whatever it is that they do, ang sa akin lang. sana huwag na ninyong sabihin out loud, kasi kung ikukumpara ninyo yung ikinapapagod ninyo kamo sa mga ginawa ni abby espiritu, walang wala yan. kasehodang magabsent si abby para lang makapagcollect ng payments, nagiistay sa school ng hanggang 5pm, napunta sa caterer para makipagusap, gumawa ng programme at kung ano ano pa para lang sa acquaintance party na yan! i mean, please take a moment to think about the, i'm sorry to say this, very few officers who actually work their sorry butts off, sacrifice their time and academics just to see this effing party through.[end rant]

hay buhay nga naman.

i'm starting to think me being the president of the student coordinating council is a bloody joke.


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