to be continued~ ^^,

Thursday, July 08, 2004

this is one of those why cant death fall on me now posts... if you dont like it dont read it!!!

i dont care... i just dont care anymore... i'm in waaaaaaaaaaaaaay deep... over my head... whatever... over everything that seemed have come gushing through my system... i fucking hate where i am right now... i really do!!!

my brain doesnt want to follow through with my wanting to forgeeeeet!!! why is that? why cant i just forget everything and go on with my stupid fucked up life???

why is it that i feel like i'm nothing but a fucked up burden in this twisted household??? why can't i see myself as the "lucky" person that i should be and be grateful about it???

why wont the world stop turning for a second and be at peace???

why am i deprived of the solitary comfort my darkness offers me?

why do i hate the things around me so much when i know i shouldnt...


why cant she just tell me straight on that she hates me? why does she have to have moments that seem like she doesnt hate me...?

sure it's not the end of the world...

but this... this is just starting to become too much...



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