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Sunday, January 02, 2005

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! XD *bounces off the wall* :P heehee


:P lol... i wasn't this genki 30 seconds ago... -.-;; but i couldnt help myself... lewey did something awfully cuteee... :P he had a hard time getting up to his "penthouse" because of all that fat that's concentrated in his tummy area... *looks down on my own tummy* meh... hmp!

i guess mommy got tired of me declaring out of the blue how fat i was and asked me if i would like to be enrolled in slimmer's world... :P i'm not getting my hopes up... she always tells me she'd do this and that for me and she fails to, most of the time, start to act on what she said... geh...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai... i miss ten-chan na... damn it!!! >.<>no one is allowed to call ten-chan don robert save creole... >.<;* but asked me to tell celine not to call him dada don robert... for obvious reasons...

oh well... :P

okaaaaaaaay... here's a to-do list for the first quarter of 2005:

  • have mommy buy me doll shoes
  • decide on what food to bring for the kada thing
  • give out the remaining gifts i have here in the house
  • find and secure another school... a decent one...
  • get driving lessons...
  • study either english or japanese... or both...
  • learn how to effectively use all the live journal stuff...
  • acquire more clothes... :P
  • try not to be too mushy and genki... heehee

end post~ :P

~~~i am cute and i am pretty... you can go to hell if you think otherwise... XD~~~


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