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Saturday, August 23, 2008

yes, master.


stuff i must accomplish over the long weekend:

siena singing idol cd :: i stayed up all night for this. the task? to burn a cd of the minus one version of the songs that the contestants will be singing at the finals which is on friday. simple enough right? since mrs. lek did give me a cd of karaoke versions or some such. i was sooo wrong. see, the cd wasn't an mp3 compilation. it was a dvd. so in the end, i had to locate and download 9 OPMs and manually get rid of the vocals of the songs. not an easy thing to do since i have no idea how to do that. but thank god and all those military geniuses for making the internet, p2p sharing and for the awesome free software that is AUDACITY! so a lot of clicking, frustrated grunts and almost falling asleep on the keyboard, i finished it! yey~! it's not 100%-vocals-free, mind you. mp3s, being incredibly compressed, just doesn't allow for clear invertions but i did what i could and at around 2am, i burned the damned cd! wooohooooooooooooooooooo~ lol. it's instrumental-y enough.

theatre script :: adaptation or no, the script is still going to recieve rewrites. and it would seem that the theater adaptation of count alaric's lady will be getting a hell of a lot of editing. me and abbygirl were throwing ideas around last night while i was figuring out how to do the audio editing shit on premiere and we had a lot of great ideas but at the end, it didn't sound like count alaric's lady anymore. haha. an adaptation of an adaptation of count alaric's lady. should be interesting. i haven't typed a single word since i'm not sure about which direction to take, so if anyone has ideas, please please, do tell~

i spent five minutes thinking of anything else that needs to get done... and the sheer magnitude of the rest of my to-do list is depressing me quite a bit

a tv script and the final version of the radio script of pinocchio and a storyboard for mc105 :: i managed to get a dent on this. with the story board the only thing that i have to do is make it on word and print it out doodle on it a bit and i'm home-free! the radio script is almost done so not much worry there. it's the effing tv script that's bugging the fuck out of me. i suck at split scripts. and what i've come up with just isn't good. grrr!!!

i was thinking of the reason as to why i'm listing out the crap i have to finish. and i think at some point i thought, it would help. but really... what the fuck was i thinking?!

aug 29. buwan ng wika activity :: i asked paula tulagan to take care of this. that's one less thing to worry about i suppose. i mean i don't have to think of how to arrange the activities for that day and make an effing programme, hunt people down to be emcees, make a script for said emcees, confirm which classes will be performing and think up of prizes for that best dressed thing and all before tuesday. because tuesday, aug 26, is when the programme is to be passed without fail! i do NOT have a thing to wear. yes, yes. we're all required to come to school in full filipiniana regalia and i sure as hell have nothing that resembles a filipiniana dress thing. abby will be renting but girl, i dont think i'll be able to swallow chucking php800 for a dress that i'll wear for half a day. lol. we'll see though.

my mind is reeling. whichever braincell thought of making this post should just die.

i am looking forward to little tinoy's (i sure hope i got the name right) birthday party~! wooo~t!!

oh god. i almost forgot about the aylc collegue assesment sheets that i have to fill out. =.= ah, how to be objective when--.... abby!!! help!!!!!


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